Healing Hawaii

a NEW campaign to Release, Restore and gain Freedom for people in Hawaii


Welcome to the home of Healing Hawai`i, the peoples campaign.

Healing Hawai`i is a campaign that has been developed to help people in Hawai`i that may be; houseless individuals, families and those with disabilities & special needs, the abused, substance and alcohol abusers, AIDS victims, prostitutes, prisoners and their families, the elderly and the list goes on.  Our main priority is to instill hope, build life skills, guide and teach people to live healthy productive lives.

If you wish to be part of this amazing new campaign please register to join this website to become a member and let your voice be heard.  The more members, the louder your voice!  It is a place for all of us to share what our needs are and to show our state officials that we are backing a campaign that is for the Healing of our beautiful state.

It's time for us to say, "yes" we want these programs, a "one stop shop"!  The Healing Hawai`i campaign is a way to insure the future of our children and our grand children.

Please go to hawaiidreamservicecenter.org and HawaiiHelps.org for more information about this campaign.